How hot is a plasma cutter?

How hot is a plasma cutter?

When you ask about how hot a plasma cutter flame is, it is really very hot. It is not something close to a flame of a lighter, but something even hotter. A lighter flame accidentally touching your skin doesn’t do much harm, but plasma can simply cause your finger to vanish. So now you can imagine how hot it could be.

What is the temperature of the plasma?

When it comes to the temperature of plasma, it has been recorded to be 45000 degrees Fahrenheit or 25000 degrees Celsius to be precise. Now you can imagine how hot it can be when you are using it to cut metal and that too so quickly.

Apart from having the power to make your fingers vanish, it can also damage your eyes if you look directly into the flame. That is one of the reasons why such emphasis is laid on wearing safety equipment and taking all possible measures to keep your body safe.

When you compare plasma to the heat generated from the Oxy-fuel machine, the latter is known to emit heat that is 9000 degrees Fahrenheit or 5000 degrees Celsius. The high temperature that plasma emits is known to cut metal faster than any other metal cutting equipment and that too at a very short period. It does its work so quickly and precisely that no matter what the temperature it has, it is always in demand.

Since it can reach such high temperatures in no time, this machine is also known to consume a lot of electricity. Therefore, using it only when needed can make you not pay hefty electricity bills.

What is the temperature of the plasma

Is the Earth’s core hotter than the plasma?

Well, the core of our planet Earth is hot, and it has been proven by scientists that the average temperature down there is 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit or 6000 degrees Celsius. A plasma is about 45000 degrees Fahrenheit or 25000 degrees Celsius that is around 4 times than the core of the earth. While it was thought that there could be nothing hotter than the sun or even the Earth’s core, here is plasma for you which can stand as competition for several.

Can the heat of plasma be compared to the heat of the Sun?

The surface temperature of the Sun in 9941 degrees Fahrenheit or 5505 degrees Celsius whereas plasma is of 45000 degrees Fahrenheit or 25000 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is proven that plasma is hotter than the sun and it would take several Suns put together to match the heat produced by plasma. While the sun too being a ball of gas with the different temperature at different times and so comparing it to the sun doesn’t give an apt answer to the question.

It could be compared to the depth of a volcano or even the earth’s core. Those tend to stay constant(most of the times).

The reason behind plasma being hotter than everything else

While we know of three states of matter – Solid, liquid and gas, there is a fourth state called plasma. When molecules move from one place to the other, heat is produced, and when the air that is around us gets energised, the molecules are hyperactive to then create plasma. The temperature given to the air is so high that there is a different state of matter created for you. While all of this sounds scary, it is something that happens at a very miniature level to give you that shock when you are using the plasma cutter the next time you have metals to cut.

How can you modify the heat of the plasma?

After reading all of the above facts, it is for sure that things have become messy in your mind. Even if you would have planned to cut metal with a plasma cutter, you will want to back out. Well, it isn’t what you are thinking. Plasma isn’t always as hot as it has been portrayed above. That is the maximum temperature that was mentioned.

When you are using the equipment, you can always lower the temperature and use, especially when the metal isn’t thick. Since the plasma cutter takes up too much energy from the power source to come to the desired temperature, you may end up paying a lot of money for your electricity bill. Therefore, it is advisable to use it as quickly as possible while removing the plug the moment you are done with it.

If you find plasma to be dangerous to use, especially when it is your first time, you can either get help from an expert or use other machines that cut metal without such extreme temperatures.

The safety gear that you should wear

The safety gear that you should wear

You may have seen professionals and experts wearing protective gear when they work with a plasma cutter. It includes a heat-resistant bodysuit, a headgear or helmet, protective eyeglasses that prevents heat and radiations, gloves and covered shoes so that you aren’t harmed in any manner when it comes to using the plasma cutter for metal cutting.

It is essential that you make use of the right temperature of the plasma cutter no matter what is the metal type that you wish to cut. Metals such as Aluminium needs lesser heat to cut and it cuts faster than the rest of the metals. If it is sheet metal that you are cutting, you may have to put in more heat. Therefore, no matter how hard or soft the metal it is, it is always required of you to analyse the type and then use the machine.

While plasma cutters come in different types and emit heat at different levels, you can choose the right one and not have to use a single one for every metal cutting tasks that you come across. Keeping the plasma cutter in its best condition is also something important. When you clean it and maintain it from time to time, things get easier for you when you make use of it the next time.

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